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Ostrich Feathers

Stylish and elegant, Ostrich feathers are highly sought after for decorative purposes and have been used to create impressive headdresses and costumes for the Moulin Rouge and Rio Carnival for many decades.

The most beautiful and symmetrical ostrich feather plumes are used, the white primary feathers from the wings of the male ostrich…

Our feathers come sized, sorted or even dyed, take your pick from our extensive range.


Ostrich Leather

Considered to be one of the finest and most durable leathers in the world. An exquisite leather, soft to the touch, flexible and durable.

Ostrich leather features in the collections of many of the major fashion houses including Gucci, Prada, Hermès and Louis Vuitton.

Uses for leather include: shoes, belts, handbags, garments and jackets. Smaller leather products include: purses, wallets, even cellphone covers.